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The Writing Day

Another good day. I'm in that writing - working - living zone where all goes well and I enjoy everything.

Now -

Down in my brain's city is a little man walking around and grumbling. A sour fellow, he predicts, "This won't last. It's going to end. It always does. Life is going to slap you ignorant, and it'll be an unprecipitated moment. You'll be looking the other way when, whack, Life will sneak up and betray you. I'm warning you, it's going to happen." He snickers. "It always does."

Well, it has. How often have I set myself up for that to happen by expecting it to happen? Do I do things to sabotage myself? Am I like a self-fulfilling prophecy that the good times cannot go on?


I've sent a squad out in Brain City to capture this naysayer. Not going to do anything to him, just censor him a bit so that I'm not expecting and dreading something bad. Why should there be something bad happening when I feel good? There is no reason. So while they're hunting him down, I also have a group of protestors occupying my brain. "Time for a change," they chant. "We shall overcome." They are the 99% of me that believe that I can achieve the writing success of my fantasy.

Just need to overcome that damn 1% standing in my way.

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Just squash that 1%.  You can

Just squash that 1%.  You can do it.  We're all rooting for you here.

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Thanks, Katherine, but ~

I don't know if I want to squash the 1%

The 1% has a purpose;  I just want to limit its influence. I follow the old maxim, everything in moderation, even the occassional negative thought. I prefer to have it in there and then defeat it with my superpowers.  

I'm not certain what the 1%'s purpose in me is, but it is part of who I am. I suspect I use it in writing, you know, to help me understand the greedy, evil and selfish characters that sometimes passes through my fiction.

Thank you for reading and commenting, my friend, and all of your support. Cheers