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The Writing Day

Yesterday's writing day went well, type a little, edit a little, type a little, edit a little, type type type, revise, edit a little more....*

I addressed ideas and concepts, works in progress, short stories and novels, queries, submissions and proposals. Once again, it ruined me because then I had to attend lessor, more mortal matters - cleaning carpets and rugs, yardwork, and then, today, alas, work. 

Work is just such a bummer. You know, I think that if they didn't pay me, I probably wouldn't do it at all, but don't tell them. They think I'm doing it for the sheer joy of the work, and that they pay me so they can get credit for being job creators and helping the economy. 

I had another major epiphany about myself. I seem to average one or two epiphanies a month this year. I figure at the rate I'm going, I'll finally figure myself out right about the time I pass away. Maybe that's the key to knowing when it's your time. 

The epihpany was that I don't enjoy the journey enough. No matter what journey I take, I'm always more into the being there than the getting there. It's probably my one shortcoming as a person, other than being whiny, grouchy, too much of a partier, smug, arrogant and short. If I was taller, I'd have less of a weight problem. It's just that simple.

When driving, I've always focused on when will I get there and not the journey. Likewise, with writing, I always focused on typing 'The End' and submitting, rather than polishing and refining. Now I'm learning more joy in the editing, revising and polishing process. Instead of immediately submitting, I put stories aside and let them age, like they do with wine or cheese, going back to it later, while my brain lets the story ferment until I taste it and proclaim, it's time to put a cork in it.

So wine-making and its science is called oenology, a neat word. Why don't we have such a word for novel writing, like novelogy? "Novelogy:  the study and science of novel writing." Some will reply, that's literature, but I think literature is about the study of the written word while novelogy is specifically the study and science of writing a novel. 

Just a thought.

A novel thought.


* If you're wondering, this is my adaptation of a musical number. It goes, "Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, pick pick pick, talk a lot, pick a little more." By Meredith Willson, it's from some little known musical called "The Music Man." It was released during the Jurassic Age and featured people few have ever heard of, like Shirly Jones, Robert Preston, and Buddy Hackett. Drop a line if you've familiar with their work. ~m