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The Writing Day

This is my third attempt to write this post.  My computer is now conducting work stoppages by shutting down whenever it feels like it.  It’s shut down three times this morning and once Sunday morning, a worrying trend.  I’ve already determined that I’m replacing it but the question of what to acquire as a replacement remains under a cloud.  After researching my last three computer purchases and ending up with so many issues, I’m dubious of reviews and product specs.  My wife recommends an Apple but I’m less than impressed what her machines and issues.

Of great worry with this system’s progressive shutdown issues is that the system doesn’t come up afterward to note, “Hey, I’m recovering from an unexpected shutdown,” which would be the norm.  Diagnostics shows all is well.  While infuriating and worrying, it’s not overly surprising.  I’ve read too many forum threads where NDF or CND – No Defect Found and Can Not Duplicate – is commonplace.  Customers have problems but tech and repair centers can’t find the causes.  Without seeing numbers and relying on anecdotal evidence, it seems to be an increasing trend. 

I’m pleased to be into my normal W3 – working, walking, writing – routine.  The writing zone is a dangerous place to dwell too long without untoward effects.  In my instance, I ended up with writer’s guilt because so many other matters weren’t given sufficient time and energy.

Work, while providing structure, is depressing, few emails and fewer meetings.  You’d think that would be freeing but I know from emails being forwarded that matters involving my job and its tasks are being discussed in meetings where I’m not invited.  While there’s not much I can do about it other than offer a resigned Gallic shrug, the situation eats at me like a steady cancer.  The morning calls I did attend were rife with people speaking with tired, edgy voices about resetting expectations and trying to get everything done. 

Summer has taken a vernal turn, bringing on cool temperatures and precipitation more associated with late April.  Tux the-is-he-a-stray enigma feline has been staying at my house during the day as well as coming by to eat in the evening.  I don’t affix too much to it.  Quinn of the black paws belonged to someone else before deciding to abandon them and move in with us.  We’ve also had neighbor cats at other locations decide our house is more pleasant than their owners’ abodes, bringing angry accusations that we were stealing others’ cats. 

We’ve not been letting Tux into the house.  Until otherwise confirmed, he’s a stray and we’re leery of his health and too much mingling with our kitties.  We recognize much of that’s outside our grasp since the cats have a cat flap and enter and depart at will but my wife is a great worrier about these matters. Besides that, a cat addition isn’t on her agenda.  She’s already vexed by our cats and their health issues.   I provided Tux with a pillow and blanket on our porch so he’s comfortable and protected from the elements.  He has a cold, which may be part of his decision to hang around our house. 

After being in the writing zone, writing has surged.  I was in the zone as I mentally walked through complicated character relationships, plot twists and story lines.  But after departing the zone – boom – my writing energy surged, along with my excitement.  It appears everything is covered but requires final additions and edits.   As always, there’s been polishing, polishing and polishing. 

Now it’s for my favorite period, time to write like crazy.  I’m eager to finish this novel and want it to be the best I can achieve while recognizing other eyes and minds will notice things that escape me.  You can’t read the label when you’re in the jar.  But this needs to be finished so can move on to other writing projects and write like crazy on them.