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The Writing Day

Yesterday’s writing day was fantastically scripted and executed. 

Rising early, I dressed and set out on a brisk walk through the cold air as the sun stepped over the mountains and delivered light and warmth.  For a while, only birds and I watched the sunrise for as far as I could see.  Eventually I encountered another walker and then a cyclist but their temporary presence did nothing to diminish the solitude and serenity.

Arriving at the coffee shop, I set up and edited for several hours, stopping at the point where I’m to begin a new chapter.   This is the final chapter to be added.  I’d planned it a few weeks ago and have reached the point where it’s time to write it.  I’m nervous over it.  It’s a complex piece and this chapter will add more complexities while clarifying other situations. 

I like a certain tension to the endeavor when I write.  Ditto with work situations, one of the reasons I tend to procrastinate.  I like the tension and pressure.  I expect today's writing day to be intense.

After writing yesterday, I walked home.  Spring was finally clearly arrived.  Birds sang and played, bees bee'd, and the rich trees and flowers, oh so gorgeous, instilled the perfect atmosphere.  My wife and I did yard and garden work throughout the afternoon before finishing up by spreading some mulch for an elderly neighbor.  Simple meals of salads, bread and soup completed a lovely day.

Now it’s time to buckle down, address the new chapter and write like crazy.