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The Writing Day

The writing days have been going swimmingly.  I know what that phrase means but I don't know why we use it.  Talk about some lazy thinking and writing. 

Now I supposed I need to look up the phrase.

I've been thinking of action as character as well as setting as character.  I think they should be as they help guide the story and move it along. 

My NIP continues progressing.  I thought I was close to done but that's because I thought I knew what was going to happen.  I thought I understood everything that had already happened and everyone's plans and agendas.  Ah, my characters proved me wrong again, diverting me into side stories and revealing things about them and differences that I'd never suspected.  Their relationships with each other and the world - well, worlds - is more complex and complicated than I'd ever dreamed.  Their revelations surprise me and sometimes I need to stop to think through what happened to ensure I understand. 

I've discovered such dichotomies in them.  For example, one new character introduced was supposed to be a base, violent person and somewhat vile.  While none of that changed, I didn't understand how his pride played out in events.  An attack on anyone on his side means an attack on him.  That trait made him a hero as he saved others 'on his side'.  Yet he'll change sides if he feel he's been given a good reason. 

Richard's personal code of honor and behavior is more evolved and thoughtful than I ever suspected.  His sister, Rachel, has greater depths of duplicity and power then either Richard or I ever knew. 

There was also required research about clothing, the Dark Ages and the Iron Age and pondering the substance of reality.  I think I'm still almost close to done.  The final scene and ending were long ago written and the characters are running out of time.  I don't think that much more can happen but who I am to say?  I'm just the writer, chronicling what happens.

Back to writing like crazy. 

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My writing days haven't gone swimmingly lately, but at least my Fenway days have!

Best of luck with your WIP.

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I saw your Fenway post and chuckled ~

Thanks, mon ami.  Cheers, M