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The Writing Day

I've been writing a great deal this week, sneaking out of work and my life to go get my fiction writing fixes. 

Oh, the fixes are so good.  There is nothing like a writing fix for me.  It gives me the same lift as chocolate, the drunken joy of wine and beer, and the sated, spent exhaustion of excellent sex.  Words squirt out into stories, characters run away with the plots and things happen, surprising and delighting me. 

Times like this, I think, This is great, I'm creating something special.  Yes, it's special but it's special for the peculiar person I am.  Whether others will find anything special or great in it is always another matter but I'm having fun writing this stuff, and then reading and editing it.

I've learned that I like fictional politics, even in fantasy writing.  With politics, I can project the threats of violence and consequence while using less actual gore and violence.  I've learned that I like it best when the characters are not the most powerful, or when they're trying to strain the limits of power to resolve their matters. 

Politics exist everywhere as characters persuade, cajole and curse one another and the various agendas that exist.  Complications and conflicts arise from competing agendas, fomenting anger and more politics - and betrayal, along with lost affections.  It's a blast writing these things through. 

Affections are another matter that gain greater complexity with politics.  And with all those politics clouding relationships, it's great to discover loves and alliances that struggle to arise above the politics.  Those struggles cause sacrifice and pain.

So it's been a joy and a trip, spinning out this novel and its sticky webs.  Now I'm at the coffee shop.  My drink is at hand.  Almost all of it remains.  I've purged some thoughts plaguing me, posting some blog entries.  The Beanery has filled up.

I'm in position.  Time to spend a few more hours writing like crazy.

Let the madness begin!