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The Writing Day

New characters entered the current NIP. They had background stories as well as a role in the current tale. 

Writing and thinking about them, I realized how much my fantasy novel employed politics, power and hubris.  It's not surprising, thinking about it.  Wherever there are rulers, there is power, and wherever power takes place, politics and hubris are often close behind. 

So it's been throughout out world's history.  It's entertaining and absorbing realizing my worlds' histories, expressions I loosely employ.  I'm usually just transcribing what characters share with me. 

Hubris has become an important part of the characters' development and situation.  Like most of us, Randy assumes he understands how the world works.  He has basic knowledge about science and nature, knows some history and some business, and uses computers.  He's a modern man. The changes to the world shakes his foundations of knowledge and changes him.  That's my foundation for the story.  We don't know what's really going on but we tell ourselves that we do.  As always, humans explain the gaps so the situation makes sense to them, and they don't hesitate to invent explanations and use those as facts. 

That same premise is true of these other peoples from other realities.  Just like Randy, who they mock to some degree for believing he understands when they witness how little he understands what's happening, they actually have the same problem.  They think they know, but they don't. 

That's when it becames most fun writing.  As part of the basic novel, the part about Randy, I introduced Richard and Rachel, brother and sister.  Rachel has become amazingly complex.  She's older, smarter and stronger than Richard (who is so much physically larger than him) and she's the one in charge.  Yet when I investigated and told their parts of the story, I was surprised to discover how little they know about one another and how little they trust each other.  They don't know more about each other because they quit trusting each other and share less and less truthful information.  Rachel does so because she building her power.  Randy does so because he thinks less and less of his sister's decisions and behavior and has begun witholding information to protect himself. 

Also fun throughout all of this was exploring where they lived and how they came to be who they are, and other alliances and rivalries they have, and why those situations exist.  All of that is then woven through larger tapestries of power, politics, history and realities.  I became especially amazed by the place known as the Treasury of Pathagos.  Six hundred surface acres, it's made up of thirty different interconnected buildings.  Access is severely restricted.  Nobody walks its halls alone.  The largest building is eleven stories high and yet the stories are that the amount of space it takes up underground is much larger than that which can been seen. 

I saw the Treasury through Rachel's eyes, glorious white, gold, blue and red buildings, towers, minerets and castles.  She loves the place, recognizing it as a place of knowledge and power.  She's gained access to the upper part by seducing the Crown Prince - the perpetually twelve year old boy who never ages - but she wants access to the hidden underground labyrinth.  She believes that's where the real power of the place resides.  Rachel manages to gain access to the underground piece through the --

Oh, but I'm probably telling too much, getting carried away with the stories and characters that race through me, taking me to these other places and worlds.  Time to get back to it and write like crazy.