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The Writing Day

I'm sorry to say that the writing day is my greatest joy.  I'm sorry and I have guilt about it because shouldn't my greatest joy be about something more meaningful?  Doesn't finding joy in such a solitary and selfish occupation mark me as an anti-social hermit?

It might just be a case of escapism.  Thinking of my fantasy world and the characters and politics is more exciting and interesting than following the turgid debates about partisanship, the economy and taxes, drones and politics.  It's certainly more exciting and interesting than studying trends about parts failures, product launches and install bases to glean knowledge to send up the organization to flag their awareness.  Writing stories is more interactive than reading novels, watching movies or playing video games.  Yard work has its own reward system but doesn't engages little of my brain and imagination. 

The last week's writing has been especially exciting.  I've been thinking more about secondary and tertiary stories.  The first story is written and done.  The second story is being written and woven in with the first story.  The third story has been started and is being woven in.  Today my mind surrendered glimpses into the fourth, fifth and even sixth stories.  Some of it won't emerge until the sequel, and even from there, another sequel.  I love learning about these characters and where they're from and their plots and aspirations. 

Now the stories and characters are calling.  Time to go and write like crazy.