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The Writing Day

Weather, illness and end of the month sales transactions (with its accompanying accounting activities to close the books) have caused cancellations and reschedulings of many meetings.  With time freed, I worked on my employer's projects, finished them and found myself with nothing to do.  Freed of work, I went walking and writing.

The walk was less productive than usual for writing time yesterday and today.  Even though I'm caught up at work, I'm awaiting answers on issues.  I'd also devised new approaches to analyzing and presenting some information.  All that stayed with me longer.

But once in The Beanery, the Writer sipped some Mexican mocha, spread his fingers and typed.  Finished and edited another added chapter to the NIP and began the next.  I'm so excited by these additions.  The differences in story and its arc through the characters and the first and third points of view adds a delicious tension.  On the one hand, in first person, the character is naively and desperately coping as unusual things happen and he strives to keep on top of the situation and his sanity.  But with the third person POV, we have an expert explaining what is going on and why while adding greater complexities.  It is fun and rewarding, and oh, yeah, it's fun. 

Of course, after being in my fictional worlds and its characters and situations, returning to reality, life and everything else is a huge drop off.  It's like, sigh, here I go, back home to feed the cats, commiserate with my wife over her probems and activities, read emails, post information, and make new inquiries about parts and systems, issues and problems.  You know I'd much rather stay here, thinking, dreaming, typing, writing like crazy and editing.

But my ass is asleep.  Half of the mocha remains, cold and skimmy.  I'll drink it down and walk home.  The characters and story will continue forming and re-forming in my mind for a while.  Sometime in the last half mile before I reach my house, my mind will return to other matters, and I'll resume my life, looking forward to the next time that I'm free to again write like crazy.

Think I'll take some time off to do that.