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The Writing Day

Cold walk down here to the coffee shop.  My  mind's off its leash and wandered far afield.  The Writer in me went with it.  Seated (but not in my lucky place), my mind comes back in, covered with brambles and mud, clues to where it ventured but the Writer didn't return.

I blame my wife. 

No, I blame myself.

I spoke with my wife with some enthusiasm about the novel sequel I'm working on.  A dog shows more interest in a passing bird than she put on display.  That curdled my soy.  Writers are delicate flowers, you know, and don't manage well in changing weather conditions, including a spouse's frost.  "I'll show her," the writer whispered in me with fiery tones of planned vengeance, and then went MIA, the satanistic booger head.

But after a bit of coffee, I went on to synopsis writing without him.  Teeth grinding, jaw muscles bunched with grit, I swore, "I shall finish this synopsis without the writer."  Trashing what he started, I began anew.  First step:  listen to some Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble live at Montreaux.  Once I got that out of the way, I read some emails and news letters and investigated the nifty site where all the states that had been proposed were created, resulting in The 124 United States of America. 

The Writer wandered back in around then.  He and I exchanged some words and some looks.  None lingered with desire.  Most simmered with irritation.  Eventually putting our differences aside without addressing their substance, we began work anew on the synopsis. 

I'd finished the query letter.  Lot of help came by way of Charlotte Dillon's web site, charlottedillon.com.  She didn't really tell how to write a query letter but included many examples.  Fishing around them, I came up with a reasonable reproduction of others' winning query letter for my own use.  Returning to her site, I took to the link labeled, 'Check out some sample synopses'. 

I've always been successful by learning by doing, particularly by copying and imitating.  After reading several examples on Charlotte's site, I powered through a new draft of the synopsis.  Thank God, others are out there, willing to help and share their information. It's such a relief to finish a full draft.  I'll set it aside for the rest of today and edit it tomorrow. 

Now, as reward, I'm authorizing The Writer the time to work on the sequel and write like crazy.