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The Writing Day

Not many words have been added to the fiction pile the last few days.  I've been working on a novel submission, writing the synopsis, boiling the story down to a few brief paragraphs.  In parallel, I edited and revised the novel, mostly rhythm and cadence tweaks, and eliminated 'that' wherever I could.  I use 'that' too much as a crutch word. I also sweated over trite expressions and worn descriptions, seeking more inventive language.  

Those tasks are not as thrilling as just writing down the bones or capturing magic in a bottle.  These sort of fiction writing tasks require a different blend of patience, energy and outlook.  That needs to be so because this is going face to face with the story that poured out of me. It's a challenge to faith, rebuttal or confirmation that the story is as enjoyable or interesting as I believed when I first wrote it.  Walking away afterward and not feeling sick to my stomach with despair is encouraging, as is the ability to say to myself, "Hmmm, I think this section needs a little more time."  I've learned that I need to address such sections and I've learned how to address them.  

I can see progress over my life's efforts.  There are fewer times when I think I've found a turgid passage or think the pacing needs addressed.  I believe part of this is because I've learned to be a more mindful writer, thinking out phrases, characters and situations even as I write them.  

I also believe I'm a more patient writer.  I've found when I'm at a loss for a word or feel challenged to complete a scene, I can leap over it and return to it later, after more of the story has flowed through me.  

So I like where I'm at and where I'm going.  That's important, especially after a trying week.  In the end, after editing, reading and revising, I still feel there's hope.  

There is a reason to still keep the faith.

And now, as a treat to myself for my revision work, I get to return to my other novel and write like crazy.

Release the craziness!