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The Writing Day

I'm out of the zone I experienced, remembering it with fondness, but writing still progresses well.  

Some time was spent over the last several days reading blogs, essays, fiction, and interviews with authors.  I'd also wandered through used and new book stores.  Such places usually offer power from the spines and covers.  The multitidue of thick tomes deeply stirs my writing desires

Between the book store ventures and the reading, my writing passion was re-invigorated.  There was a bunch of serendipitous finds.  Chris Meeks offered an excellent post on structure (http://redroom.com/member/christopher-meeks/blog/structure-a-framework-f...).

Someone -- maybe Dale Estey or Bob Mullins - had posted a link to The Millions, which seemed like the Inca's lost gold to me, including an interview with Ben Fountain (http://www.themillions.com/2013/01/2012-national-book-critics-circle-awa...).  

Returning to my finished novel last night, I charged through it, pruning, polishing, refining, reshaping, tasting words, feeling scenes and moods, a thoroughly happy and exciting venture.  

Back to the novel now in progress today, I typed for a while and then danced through it with a revisionist eye, attacking cliches and overused expressions, further refining the characters' voices and attitudes.  

Visiting other writers' fiction, interviews with them about their processes and work, and blogs about writing and publishing, is something I need to continue.  Doing so fuels my excitment and hope but also helps me keep underbrush from growing too thick in my writing mind.  Sometimes, when you write like crazy, your own words can seize you, pulling you out like a riptide.  It's good to stop and step out, to see where you are.

You, of course, is me.  Told you I've been writing like crazy.  

Back to work, he told himself with a deep sigh.  I've been gone from work for ninety minutes and have a meeting coming up.  Need to walk home and get back to work.

Fun time is over.