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The Woo Woo Girl

My wife has always been a rambunctious rebel with an iron backbone.  Most of her family learned this when she began doing battle with the school administration over the school newspaper's editorial policies. She's always been a political junkie, a sixteen year old riveted to the television during the Watergate hearings. 

She also loves dancing and exercising.  Naturally Jazz Exercise draws her, along with belly dancing, Zumba and other dance classes.  Aretha Franklin and the blues moves her, and she doesn't hesitate to burst forth with a noise demonstrating her enjoyment. 

While exercising, she sings along with songs.  She has a couple favorites, like Billy Idle's cover of Mony Mony and The B52s singing Love Shack. She's right there with them when Kate Pierson sings in a sudden still moment in the song, "Tin roof.  Rusted."

Love Shack


Often her noise of jubilation while dancing or exercising is, "Woo woo!"  Those in class around her quickly picked up on it.  The rest of the class dubbed them the Woo Woo Girls or the Woo Woo corner. 

The Woo Woo Girls quickly began socializing.  First it was coffee after the Y classes, then dinners out.  The husbands and families were engaged for the dinners, along with concerts and movies.  The coffee klatch fluctuates with four or five core members but most days finds ten to twelve women sharing coffee, conversations and laughter. 

They've established purple days.  First it was just a few of them, agreeing to wear purple exercise clothes to class on a given day but now a recurring event for the entire class.  They've worn pink to support Code Pink as well as breast cancer research.  From the coffee klatch gatherings came "The Number One Ladies' Book Club," and the "Y Lunch Bunch", along with nature hikes, all initiated by my wife, but really, beginning with her "Woo!" 

Billy Idol - Mony Mony