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The Wife's Cute Shoes

"I didn't coordinate my wardrobe," my wife confessed. "I didn't really think about what I was going to wear. I just thought about what I used to wear when we lived in Half Moon Bay."

We were walking along 2nd Street under a weak and foggy sun in Bandon. She was very pleased. Women had been complimenting her shoes. They were complimented when she was queued to use the loo, and again when she looked at art, again in a used bookstore, again in a clothing store. She was pleased. Everyone called them cute shoes. People were telling them how well they went with her outfit, which was by accident. 

"They are cute shoes," I said.

Three seconds passed. "All of my shoes are cute," she replied.

Three more seconds passed. "Yes, they are," I answered. "Just because I called the pair you're wearing cute doesn't mean I'm disparaging the others.  They're cute, too."

Three seconds passed. She laughed. "Well done you."