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The Very First

Any time there’s a major change in our life, there follows a period of The Very First. 

You marry and then eat your very first breakfast together as spouses, or sleep together for the very first time as a legally married couple.

After your career and retirement, you wake up that first morning and it’s all different.  There are thoughts of how it used to be and how it is now. 

It’s a period of adjustment.  You used to be required to do this or that, back when….  ‘Back when’ no longer exists. Its needs have been superseded. 

Our lives are rich with the moment of the Very First time.  We often don’t recognize them or briefly acknowledge them before going on.  Parents often acutely feel these Very First moments, the stillness of the very first morning after a child has left home to go to college or moved out to start their career, or have married and are no longer there.  Widows and widowers know these moments, too, of awakening to the Very First time without their beloved.  The Very First moments are still with thought and reflection, remembering what was and how it is now, before going on.