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The Two Minute Drill

The systems freeze. Chrome stops responding. Scrivener. Task manager won't open. 

Ah. Must be Norton Pulse updating.

Let's check that. Open Norton 360 - or try to. Click...count...one Mississippi...two Mississippi...three Mississippi...twenty-seven Mississippis later, Norton begins to open. First one white and yellow panel emerges. Details populate it....

Thirty-two Mississippis...thirty-three Mississippis....

...one hundred nineteen Mississippis. Norton has finished opening and populating. The other programs are released from its spell. 

Click on tasks. Check the time of the last Pulse update. 

Yep, there it is. 

Happens several times a day. I've searched for fixes, provided feedback, looked for ways to disable it (made so it can't be disabled...for your protection). Yes, for my protection; it's like having a car that I can't drive, for my protection.

It's a frustrating two minute drill, coming as it does while I'm typing, opening pages, watching videos, trying to read something, trying to open an email, delete an email, respond to an email...well, trying to do anything on the affected computers.

Fifty-two days remain in my Norton 360 subscription but I'm done with it. The two minute Pulse drill occurs three or more times a day. Why should I accept it? In addition to that, the 'idle time scan' freezes everything a few times a week and Norton Confidential crashes at least once, sometimes twice a day. I mean honestly. I've spent my money, put my trust in them, waited for fixes, tried for fixes, given them feedback, and they've proven themselves unworthy.

Time for them to be replaced.