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The Sentries

The sentries are posted. 

The Gingerbear King protects the pet door, the only way by which any animal can enter or leave without human assistance. He also can monitor the master bath from there.

Black Paws is on a bench in the foyer.  From there, he can observe the office, laundry room, main bathroom, kitchen, garage, guest room and front door. 

The Gray Shadow is asleep in the living room, by the patio door, where she can guard the living and dining rooms.

Between the three, they have managed to divide the house so a cat is always watching over all the rooms, entrances and two connecting hallways.

How did they coordinate this?  It couldn't have been through meowing.  Such coordination would have required a lot of back and forth mewing, wouldn't it?  Maybe not.  Depends on how well they know one another. 

Either way, I'm impressed.  I think they're sleeping but when I move softly past one, I see their ears shift toward me asking, "What is he up to?"  If I stop and watch them, I see their eyes carefully crack open. 

They want to watch me without me being aware. 

Why?  Are they privy to some plot and are out to save me or part of some plot to do me in? 

I don't know.  But I'm going to keep my eye on them and listen...to see when they move and what they do.

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Worth watching...

My late friend Lynn Dillow Borde once said she always wanted a cat around as an attractive accessory.   Cdertainly more interesting than a potted plant or boring knicknack.  

We don't do inside animals here at the farm, but I always liked the outside cats and kittens the children had--even when one would love bite my sandaled toes when I was hanging up laundry. Not so good, however, when they make Gerald stumble out in the shop, so we didn't adopt more  cats when the last ones died.

The wild cats down at the hog barns never bothered anyone, however. Those cats earned their own livelihood and kept the mouse population down.  They would not let anyone touch them, but sometimes one granddaughter would go feed them anyhow.  I over heard her tell one when she fed them Thanksgiving scraps:  "Just be thaskful for what you get."

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Yep, they're worth watching ~

And they need watching.  Sometime while we weren't looking yesterday evening, one went out, caught a bird, brought it in and ate it in the master bedroom.  Sometimes I think you have the right idea but then they tuck themselves up against me with a purr, and seduce me once again.

Thanks for reading and sharing.  I enjoyed your comments. Cheers, M

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The two in this house always

The two in this house always seem to be underfoot, or in the window wells.

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Oh, boy, Jodi....

I noticed where the cats were sleeping because they were leaving me alone.  I love the cats but sometimes I crave peace and quiet - and a little alone time. 

Take the other morning as example.  The cats followed me from room to room as I went through my morning routines.  They were all, "What's he doing now?  What's that he's making?  Coffee?  Let me smell, let me smell...no, I don't want that.  Now what's he doing?  Making something to eat?  Let me smell, let me smell...no, I don't want that.  Now what's he doing?  Don't close that door.  What are you doing in there?  Hey, let us in, let us in.  Why aren't you answering?  Are you okay?  Open the door, open the door." 

So it was nice that they were quiet...and asleep...and out of trouble, where I could see them.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Jodi.  Cheers, M