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The Pizza Questions

A friend and I were discussing a local pizza place.  He knew the owner and mentioned they'd tried expanding to a few other towns but the other places had flopped.  "Their pizza is pretty good," he said.  I guess my expression showed I thought otherwise because he added with a grin and a twinkle, at least I think so."

I laughed at that.  "You know how pizza is."

I dealt with the pizza taste labyrinth with a group of other couples last month.  You'd think that agreeing where to have a pizza would be an easy Q and A. Just deciding to go get pizza somewhere was a major feat of consensus.

I would descibe pizza as a dough base with sauce, cheese and toppings.  It's baked for a while.  The dough gains crispness, the cheese melts, and the toppings and sauce warm. 

But it is not that simple. 

There's always been the question of toppings.  My wife is a vegetarian.  That limits her from eating sausage and other meat toppings.  I enjoy veggie pizzas and have no problem skipping meat.  Other people also seem okay with veggie pizzas.  We're amused, in fact, that when she ordered veggie pizzas for parties along with other pizzas, the veggie pizzas usually went first.

Toppings are simple matters now, unless you encounter people who insist on being traditionalists, scorning fruit, spinach and vegetable toppings like corn, brocolli and dried tomatoes.  You must also choose from white, wheat, or gluten free crusts.  Some offer corn crusts.  Besides the crust's ingredients, select your thickness - thin or thick, extra crispy or chewy.  Sauces swerve between white cream sauce, traditional tomato, BBQ and pesto. 

Even mushrooms, olives and onions requires consultation as you decide which kind of each is preferred.  Cheese can add complexities never considered in my childhood.  We put mozz on and we liked it!  Now there are four, five and six cheese pizzas. I'm sure someone somewhere is already offering a ten cheese pizza in the escalating pizza wars.

Those matters are preliminary topics.  We're only starting to slice and dice needs and tastes. Besides toppings, cheeses and sauces, the quantity of each comes into analyses.  So does the sauce's sweetness, tartness, and thinness. 

With these choices out of the way, locations, parking, service and ovens were discussed.  The conversation probably took fifteen minutes, maybe more or less, and I'd lost interest.  While I have pizza preferences, it's not that big a deal to me as long as there's a good beer available.

It's my firm belief that a good beer makes any pizza taste better.  While all agreed the pizza that night was very good, I sipped my pale ale and nodded.

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I appreciate what you say about pizza. I agree it's not that simple. There's also East Coast vs. West Coast/ NY/New Haven vs. Bay Area. I grew up on excellent pizza and once in awhile find a pie that matches the criteria I seek. In fact, at one San Francisco place, the chef was ashamed that his crust was charred, so he offered my boyfriend a new one on the house. The new pie had kind of doughy dough and wasn't nearly as good. I am all for crispy, tasty sauce, and some cheese, but not overwhelmingly so. Pepe's and Patsy's are my East Coast favorites.

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Eva ~

You have my head spinning.  We never addressed the EC vs WC/NY/New Haven vs Bay Area - and never addressed deep dish or Chicago style, either! You've described my preference.  Add light kalamata olives and onions and I'm very, very happy. 

Thank you for reading and commenting.  Cheers, M

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Love pizza! Love many kinds

Love pizza! Love many kinds of pizza! Veggie pizza is good, I like a mix of meat and lots of vegetables. A margharita pizza is a nice change, New York style scores higher than Chicago style for me, and beer is a must!

Ok, now I'm hungry and will go order pizza!


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You have me laughing, Annette ~

I also started hungering for pizza and beer when I wrote this and now I feel it again.  Maybe I'll talk my wife into stopping somewhere for lunch today....

Thank you for reading and commenting.  Cheers, M

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I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more Michael!  Beer and pizza make a perfect combination!  I like to keep my pizza simple and marry it with good tasting beer, well chilled and in good company!

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Just between us, Rina ~

I usually deliberate more about my beer than my pizza!  I have easy tastes when it comes to eating.  Although I prefer to keep it simple, I like mixing it up sometimes. 

I can really go for a beer and pizza right now.  Thanks for reading and commenting.  Cheers, M