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The "Peerless" Saga

Printing out "Peerless" was not the easy task imagined when I decided to resurrect it. I found the printed copy and the original notebooks where I wrote it, each labeled, numbered, and dated but not the electronic file. The electronic file was what I desired. After looking in the 'libraries' and doing a search for it on my laptop, I fired up my old tower. Yes, there was "Peerless" and each version in a folder called 'Old Stories'. I transferred the story from the old computer to the new one and then went through a fiasco getting it to print. The new computer and its Word version didn't like the old computer's compatible Word version. Even though I'd just printed out a finished short story, the printer wouldn't print. Took a big of cajoling.

Meanwhile, I looked at the files and the dates. I'd written that in 2004.


Had it really been that long ago? I thought I'd just finished the novel, it was so fresh in my mind, but that thing was written eight years ago. 

The realization fired me up. I've been taking my writing efforts for granted. Let me write and then move on to the next one. Someday I'll return to it, edit, revise, submit, publish, whatever. Well, it's time for someday.