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The Parasam's Gift

Russata was a toddler when Persimin told her, "The Parasam gifts people. What gifts did it present you, little one?"  Those are words Russata doesn't remember but learn for herself.

She, the unknown angry woman, knows she's gifted. The gifts are the curse of knowing others' pain, hatred and evil. She's a drama queen, everything is always happening to her, why is it always happening to her, but she can't stop it, she's the Parasam's lightning rod.

But she does some things to herself.

Once upon a time, she consciously chose to commit acts against herself to draw attention, deflect criticisms and gain pity and sympathy. Now the pattern of pain has burned a groove in her and she does these things without thinking to do them. Drawing from the darknesses pooling in her, she blinds herself one day, her eyes clouding into black nights. A few days later, she can see again. Another time, she can't hear, or she can't walk or feel. There is no pattern or rythm.

So she goes through life, suffering from the things she doesn't know, leaning on things she learned in childhood that she doesn't know she learned. Yet Russata and Persimin need her....

I know Russata and Persimin will team up. Russata goes to help Ian in the second book, "True Being", and I think Persimin shows up then.

I suspect this new woman's name is Kaytaleena. She's originally from a smallish, backward world, the place where people warred for land and ruling rights, oblivious to the Parasam's impact. Then others arrived.

Got to keep all of this in mind, keep it straight, keep it going. I thought there was just four books to the series. The first two, "The Parasam", looking for an agent right now, and "True Being," two third (?) written but requiring editing and revising. I feel like it's calling me. Two other books, "White Parasam" and "Parasam Balance", have been conceptualized and planned. Now I think there's actually another, "The Parasam's Gift". The ideas are springing up, drawn out by vacation's stillness and the absence of work stress and tension. I had wanted to do more short stories and I want to finish "The Forzen Proposal" and "Peerless".

Gotta write. Gotta write. Gotta write.

Not now, though. Gotta go to Museum Hill.