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The Organizational Chains

Someone invited me to a meeting.  Who are they and what do they want?

I looked them up on the Intranet and checked out their organizational chain.  Little clues were offered from either of those about what this meeting is about.

But the organizational chains interested me.  I checked my chain and a number of co-workers and people I know of in other organizations.  We show the same pattern.  

Each reports to a Manager.

The manager reports to a Director. The Director reports to a VP.

The VP reports to another VP.  The next VP reports to a VP who is also listed as a Chief.

The Chief/VP reports to a Senior VP.

The SVP reports to the Chairman.

Each chain showed one worker, one manager, one director, three VPs and a SVP.  Looking at more, I discovered some had an 'executive' inserted between the Manager and Director, two General Managers and three SVPs.  

Funny.  Not many front line Managers and Directors but lots of VPs.