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The Netflix Model

Apple Computers decided to follow the Netflix model for customer service relationships.

As a customer, I dislike not having what I expected delivered or available.  I want some notice when you're making a change to my service or product.  

Netflix learned that in July, 2011.  That month, they announced they were splitting their streaming video and DVD businesses.  

They had not told their customers they were planning that.  They were telling customers the opposite until that point.

Customers reacted.  Many were pissed.  After making that announcement in July, 2011, Netflix reversed its decision in September, 2011, after losing about 1,000,000 customers.  Analysts suspected that more customers had notified Netflix they were leaving, prompting the reversal announcement.

You would think Apple would learn from acting unilaterally ala the Netflix model.  


Java has security vulnerabilities.  Java is used in everything - games, business apps, banking business.  Apple is the most problematic platform.  Java 6 is an older version;  Oracle, who owns Java, was fixing the issues in Java 7 but Oracle no longer supports Java 6 after Feb 2013.

Apple Macs using operating 10.6 and previous versions can't use Java 7.  They're dependent on Java 6.

Apple's response to the situation this week was to block Java 6 on 10.6 OS machines so the Java 6 security vulnerabilities couldn't be exploited.  They put Java 6 on their black list.

Suddenly business applications, games, and banking applications using Java 6 no longer worked.  Analytics could not be run, people couldn't play games, and people couldn't access their banking accounts.

Apple Computers had not informed anyone they were taking this action.  Their customers discovered it when they received an error message that Java wasn't loading when they attempted to run their application.

I found out because my wife is a devoted Apple Mac user.  Her Apple no longer functioned as expected so she called me to fix it.  I did the research to fix it and discovered Apple's decision.

There's always been a schism between Apple and 'PC' users.  Apple likes to keep their OS information and issues secret and quiet, out of sight and out of mind.  People on the PC side are more likely to be scripters, delving into their computers' operating systems and tweaking applications and configurations.  

Apple's action brought out both sides.  PC users who are using Apples with Java scripts are saying, this is why we don't like Apple.  Apple loyalists respond, Apple is taking care of you by protecting you, unlike Microsoft, the primary PC OS provider.  

My wife, an Apple loyalist was furious.  They took action without telling her, rendering her system partially inoperative.  They haven't announced a plan to address it.  It strikes her to be like the Netflix posture, making pre-emptive decrees without notifying customers, without apparently caring what it does to the customers' plans and needs.  

That apparent lack of concern is what has her worried.  She wonders, in the end, if this is why Apple's stock prices are plummeting.  The team without Jobs no longer pays attention to its customers.   

Meanwhile, she's waiting to see what Apple is doing to let her use her computer as she desires.  

How long will Apple take before it executes its Netflix 180?

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Tacky business move

What a pain! I'm using 10.7, so I haven't had a problem, but my system just became outdated—another casualty in Apple's long history of making their products and operating systems obsolete within a year after release so that everyone has to buy new stuff.   Hopefully, if their CEO gets enough complaints, they will do the right thing and provide some relief without making people pay for it (perhaps a system update?).  Fingers crossed!

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My fingers are crossed as well ~

My wife is displeased, and you know how it is when your partner is displeased....

Thanks for reading and commenting, Barbara.  Cheers