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The Latest Fashion

My wife and I were in Trader Joes.  Just needed a few things and stuck to the list, amazingly ignoring the many delicious dark chocolate offerings TJ stocks, like dark chocolate coconut bonbons, peanut butter cups, and honey mints. 

One thing on the list was vanilla extract.  As we discussed the offering, she turned to me and said, "Latest fashion."

Ah, the latest fashion. 

We've been using that phrase for decades.  It was actually one of our first bonding matters, when she was fourteen and I was fifteen, one of three phrases we continue using. Other phrases have come along since, like 'bleah', 'ogabugga', and the latest, discovered in the Simon Pegg movie, Hot Fuzz, "Yarp," and its negative corollary, "Narp."

All three of our original phrases came from bonding periods. The second one was using '8 o9f3 697'.  To the uninitiated, that's 'I love you' on a qwerty keyboard when you put your hands on the wrong row.  We read about it in Reader's Digest and adopted it as our shorthand, using it in telephone calls, letters, postcards and emails. 

Third was 'honey bun'.  My wife's term of endearment for me, we saw it in a movie while we were dating.  I don't know what movie but she liked it and has used it for over forty years.  One of its more humorous uses was when she was standing in her parents' foyer one year.  Her sister and brother-in-law were in there talking.  Thinking he was me, my wife walked up and patted him on the rear, saying, "What's up, honey bun," as I came around the corner.

The latest fashion is s such a strange, innocuous thing, though.  My wife and I have worn glasses for most of our lives.  I started as a young teenager while the family archives have photos of her in glasses in second grade.  The latest fashion is then an eye lash that's attached to your glass lens.  We later adopted it for an eye lash anywhere on the face.  The origins are that she mentioned that I had one on my lens back when we were first dating and I replied, "Yes, it's the latest fashion accessory.  What do you think?"

She thought that quite witty.  How love affects our senses and thinking continues amazing me.

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Beautiful, Michael...and so

Beautiful, Michael...and so true.  Thanks. :-) B

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Isn't it, Barb?

I believe books can be written about the effect of love on life.  Thank you for reading and commenting.  Cheers, M

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This is a treasure!

Thank you!


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You are welcome,

Jane.  Thanks for reading and commenting.  Cheers, M

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I once read somewhere, it may

I once read somewhere, it may have been Elizabeth Berg, who talked about love's shorthand. I loved the phrase that best describes the code language between two lovers.

Thanks for sharing yours. 


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Love's shorthand ~

I like that.  Think a good play title would be Love Shorthand & Shortcuts.  Thanks for reading and commenting.  Cheers, M

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Perfect, Michael--I love this

Perfect, Michael--I love this post--shows you and your wife have a wonderful partnership!  :) J

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We have a good working partnership ~

But it's like the stock market, up and down, up and down....

Thanks for reading and commenting, Judee.  Cheers