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The Last Pint of Blueberries

Was a mellow day. Did light reading and revising. I think I opened the last pint of blueberries that we froze last summer. I need to dig through the freeezer to verify.

I also opened a new pint of blackberries we froze last year but it's not the last, of that I'm sure. Saw at least two other pints in the freezer.  Summer fragrances wafted out when I opened the containers. I had them with oatmeal, walnuts, cinnamon and honey for breakfast. Fantastic. 

We grilled asparagus for dinner. The wife had a baked yam but I made a curry chickpea stew with tomatoes my wife stewed and froze last year and some yukon golds. Put it on brown rice. Delicious. 

Bummer news, friends moving away, one couple to Portland, the other to Santa Rosa. We'll visit with them and both have sworn to return. Hope we can stay in touch with them.

Received The Descedants from Netflix today but probably won't watch it for a few days. Wife has a talkback scheduled for Friday night and we're doing shopping and yard work this weekend, if the weather allows it. Rain is forecasted.  Looking for some nandina dwarf variations for the back yard. Will also be reading and writing. Short stories are on the menu. I also have an urge to clean the garage. It's organized but there's dried mud. flowers and leaves on the floor. Want to take everything out and give it a good sweeping.

Long walk in the rain this afternoon after a busy day at work. Beautiful walking among all the trees in bloom, such gorgeous colors among emerald and jade hills.

Need a haircut. Don't know how these things sneak up on me. Wife's inflammation has retreated so she has more energy and is in a better mood. Poor babe, it was a bad few days for her. She even sat out zumba Tuesday and skipped a WILPF meeting. While she's feeling better, Scheckter's gingivitis flared up. I suspect there's a pattern to it. Either that or his medicinal regimen keeps him right on the edge. Poor kitty. Got his medicines in him this morning and afternoon so he felt a lot better by the evening. Wanted my attention as I exercised. I obliged, of course. More important to cherish him than to exercise. Plus he has a great purr, sweet meows and seductive green eyes.  I'm such a sucker. Still had an excellent work out. Heavy sweating invigorates me. 

Torn about the Zimmerman/Martin developments. While I wanted a proper investigation, I believe Zimmerman has issues. Just seems like it, from a distance. There's no winner in this tragedy. Times like this, a time machine would be great. Wishful thinking.

Loved smelling those blueberries this morning.  Such a pleasant surprise. Although the local stores offer organics flown in from Chile, they don't carry that smell and the memory of picking and freezing them. Maybe some are buried in the freezer. Take a look this weekend. Just a few months until we'll be harvesting more blueberries, though. Before then will be the cherries and plums, then the blackberries...pears and peaches.... Think I still have some frozen cherries from last year. 

Ah, spring and summer.