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The Hunter Has Become The Hunter

"Falling Skies" has a great plot twist: the hunter becomes the hunted. What a clever flip of an the well used paradigm. Wonder why no one has thought of this before?

To which my weary wife replied, "You sound like Walt." Walt is my neighbor. He's like 30 years older. It staggers me that he's a good friend, this man who had children and was teaching school when I was born. I mean, in sixth grade, the seventh graders were upset with my presence. I imagine adults would have been outraged.

Walt had sent my wife an email: "Why are there so many coming of age shows?" That's the complete email. My wife wrote back, "What prompted this question?" He didn't answer.

Later, she saw him sitting on his old Subaru's tailgate. The Subaru, a 98, is less than 300 miles from 200,000. He and his wife, Barb, have driven it on 7 round trips to Missouri. That was their home. They stayed here in the summer and Missouri in the winter.  

My wife watched Walt. We have a quiet neighborhood. I watch crows, cats and hawks, and she spies on the neighbors. They also spy on us, complaining that we have a quiet house. Nothing ever happens. That's cuz we're inside hiding, watching everyone else. 

Walt just sat, motionless, not doing anything. It's pretty unusual. Walt is an active guy. He's a master gardener, sought for his gardening advice, loves the theater, going several times a month, is a parent and grandparent, drives his petite wife around and helps run a restaurant. Sitting motionless on his car's tailgate is wholly uncatalogued activity. My wife went over to ask him, "What's going on?" His answer was old as the hills: "Waiting for the mail. He went up the hill about ten minutes ago. Should be down in a few minutes."

Was he expecting something? Nope, just wanting for the mail.

It's an old twist to an old plot.