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The Horizon

Today is garbage pick up day.  Lot of times people call it garbage day, leaving the pick up implied.  I don't like deeming a day as garbage day, forging the day with bad imagery, as though it's a throwaday, used and done.  

Putting the garbage out, in the rain and growing lead light, I look around for signs of what the weather will do.  We're having a solar tube installed.  I started to type 'new solar tube' but wouldn't that have been useless?  So we're wondering, will we need to postpone due to rain? 

From where I stand, I see clouds from horizon to horizon but trees, mountains and houses narrow my view. I can't see far. Experiences tells me how quickly the weather here can seem to change because of the narrow view around our house. 

Sometimes, to know what's happening and what's going to happen, you need to find another way to look at the moment.

Especially when it's the weather.