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The Florida Suicide

A young man killed himself in Florida this week. 

It was a change from his original plan.  He had several weapons, some explosives and lots of ammunition.  He pulled the dorm's fire alarm at oh dark AM. 

See, he was hunting, flushing out students from their beds and rooms with plans to kill them. 

But police response was fast so he resorted to Plan B and did himself in.

As sad, fascinating and surreal as the story is, more fascinating were some of the comments about gun control that followed the story.  Someone wrote, "Don't you think that if the students could arm themselves and did in that dorm, and that young man knew that they might be armed and could shoot back, that he would have thought twice about his plan and sought the treatment he so obviously needed?"

Really, I ask the commentator?  Do you really believe that this person was operating in a realm of rational logic? 

I sort of curious about that rationale behind the commentator's logic, that fear of confrontation with others as armed as himself would deter him.  It seems like our changing world view and popular video games and movies instruct people to confront and attack.

Just curious, too, but if one person has a gun and starts killing people in the middle of the night, and others pull their guns and start shooting, how do they know the original shooter?  What's to stop those people from shooting each other in the middle of the night or shooting others they think that might have a gun or be a threat?

So, yes, I have a problem with more guns as a solution to increasing gun violence.

I don't know the young man's state of mind.  I can assume some things.  One thing I do know is that he understood that guns are killing tools and he'd chosen the tools he wanted for the job that he planned.

As an aside, the article noted that he had only one previous blemish on his permanent life record, having been cited for driving on a suspended licence.  But if his record is so unblemished, why was his license suspended?