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The Exasperation

This is where so much of the computer updates and corrections go wrong.

I'm on a call. I have time as I listen to attend my personal laptop. I go to the Windows Action Center to see if there are messages. There is one:  download a solution to a Think Vantage problem.

Well, good. I experienced Think Vantage issues this week. I select it. It takes me to the website. I select the file. I select download.

A message comes up. To download the selected file, I must download and install their download file manager.


I select, download, and install the download file manager, accepting and agreeing to the terms, etc.

After it runs, it takes me back to the Lenovo support page. The 39 meg download begins. I continue working on my office machine as it downloads, watching its progress.

After a few minutes, download complete. Great. But --

Where is the download?  Where are the files? Why didn't they open?

I search my computer for new files. I only find the download manager.

I return to the Lenovo page and select download the file again. Select download.

The file has been downloaded, it says.

To where? I wonder.

I read the Readme. It's a useless compendium of unrelated matters. Amusing first note, "These instructions only apply to Windows and Internet Explorer". This is in there even though their page said this file was for my system and included Firefox.

I run the download manager again. Download complete. Click finish to close.

Did it update? Check the settings. No new changes to the file/folder/program. No updates applied.

I return to the action center on my computer. The Think Vantage action message is still there. I click on it to get to the solution. Roughly, it says, "There was a problem with the download. The file did not download."

Let us pause to recap:  the website said the download was complete. When I attempted to download it again, the website said it was already downloaded. When I checked the Action Center, I receive a message that the file download could not be completed.

I close the browser, trying to think of next actions. Decide to check the Action Center again. There is a solution for my Think Vantage problem available, it says. Click here to open it.

Here I go again. Go to the site, select the file, download the 39 meg file again.

This time, after the download, I can find the file, open and run it. Of course, it must be scanned, approved by security, I click "Yes" several times to approve of the changes, install and reboot. Success! It's been updated, so it says.

I check on Windows update. All updated. MS Office 2010. All updated. Word? All updated.


I open Word.

It freezes.

Ah, some mornings. Time for a coffee break.