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The Daily Mantra ~ Vital

I woke up in bed.  Good place to be.  I last remembered going to bed and that was my final memory before falling asleep.  It's usually a good omen for an auspicious day when memories and reality synchronize.

I was alone.  I looked around for the cats.  My wife was dressing and making her dish for her sustanability group's monthly breakfast meeting. Sunlight was coming through the window. 


Work thoughts went through me.  Many tasks left undone needed completion.  But today I was off.  They needed to wait until Monday.  Refusing to yield, work continued its march through my mind.  I resisted.  I understood how this works – it was a weekday and it’s not a holiday ergo I’m expected at work – but I took off today for a “me” day so I could write and recharge my batteries.  After thinking that, I planned an overnight trip up the road, surprising my wife.  I suspected her batteries also needed recharged.   We would leave around noon.

Getting up, I went through AM routines, including meditating.  The Feline Three organized a vigil over my activities.  Meditating, I realized how vital I felt today.  My energy tank was briming over as were the auxiliary optimism and enthusiasm tanks.  All systems are go!  I looked for ways to maintain and stretch that vitality, carry it forward through the day and into the future. 

After meditating, I flipped my mind over to expose the writing side, where I found a deadly still town.   Dressing, eating, reading the paper, I roused the muses with gentle probes.  They emerged, bleary eyed and groggy, hangover victims.  I hadn’t been drinking so I wondered what they’d been doing.  I fed the cats and headed out for the Beanery, striding through a cool, cloudy day.  The muses finally joined me on my walk.

The writing day began.