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The Daily Mantra ~ Unbreakable

Even stone wears out under dripping water's relentless pressure, I thought today.  Everything wears out. 

I feel like I am wearing out and I refuse to wear out.  Ergo, I must find ways to cope and not wear out.  I must be the exception to nature's forces.

Perhaps diamonds don't wear out.  I think that's why they were named diamonds, from some Greek word that means unbreakable, according to some long ago teacher.  I never vetted that information but I trust her.  She was my teacher and she seemed to know what she was talking about.

Even natural diamonds can come out strong and rough but clear.  Polishing them takes them brilliant levels that leaves everyone in admiration. 

I need to figure out how to be a diamond, unbreakable but polished and clear.  I wonder what diamonds use as their mantra. 

"I am a diamond. I am unbreakable, beautiful, and clear."

I like that.  But if I'm going to be a diamond, I need to be the real thing, not some synthetic thing made of paste of cubic zirconium. Need also to ensure I'm not a blood diamond, the product of greed and violence. 

There's a lot of famous diamonds to emulate.  First in line in my mind is the Hope Diamond, popularized in movies and literature, and backed with a powerful PR machine.  The Hope Diamond is supposedly cursed but I don't recall any details about that.  Besides the Hope Diamond, I can only think of The Star of Independence.  I only recall it because it was created to celebrate America's bicentennial of independence. 

When I think of diamonds, I also think of Neil Diamond. I've enjoyed his music so that's okay.  Besides him, I think of the Pink Floyd song, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, the tribute song to Syd Barrett from their Wish You Were Here album. 

So a diamond I shall be.  Clear.  Beautiful.  Unbreakable.  Maybe crazy.  Hope it carries me for a few days. 

Get it?  Hope?  Diamond? 

Forgive me for my weakness.  Not a good way to end a post about being unbreakable.