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The Daily Mantra ~ Release the Passion!

Feel the passion!  Sure, I do that without problem.

Don't I? 

Release the passion! 

Dude, no way.

Passion came to my attention between my dreams and my brush with Prince and Little Red Corvette.

I'm a circumspect sort of fellow, wary of opening up and sharing.  I learned this from my Mom.  Don't ever make a scene was the secret message of her admonitions when we made noise in public as children and she orderd, "Stop it, people are looking!"

Gasp.  People are looking.  Oh no, we've been seen! 

I don't know how all the pieces are wedged together to create who I am.  Let's see, divorced parents - multiple divorces between them, maybe even double digits. I don't know because they're as open and sharing as me.  I'm the middle child, only son for a long time.  Check that and change it to only surviving son out of the original three, with the other two dying shortly after their births.  A fourth son was killed in a car accident while he was still young.  I wanted to be liked and I disliked confrontation and conflict.  Still do.  Insecure?  No doubt, absolutely no doubt, along with shy, introspective and withdrawn.  I deflect with quick snark.

We traveled around when I was a child.  People are often amazed to hear how many places I lived.  Roots were out of the question.  Mom and Dad were each separately estranged from their families.  That limited the family's closeness. Mom was also a Working Mother and eventually joined the Single Working Mother movement.

Between the two parents and my growing experiences, the daily mantra was to keep your emotions in check.  Mom only released her emotions when she was drinking.  Dad never released emotions, giving rise to rumors that he had none. 

Passion was the worse emotion to release.  Anger was apparently acceptable but that's the end of the list.  Hurt and crying?  Suck it up.  Expressions of joy and pride drew suspicions. 

I've been enjoying a number of dreams while I slept the last few weeks.  They have themes and commonalities but all evaded deciphering.  Every morning I awoke thinking about several dreams.  Sometimes as I was working on something, another snippet of dream would return.  But I couldn't make sense of the dreams.

Yesterday, my internal jukebox put Little Red Corvette on a repeat loop.  I couldn't figure out why that song was there.  It's a sweet, successful pop song with some catchy inflections and choruses and some jibes about being sexually promiscuous. 

As I remembered it and sang it in my head, I decided to look it up on the Internet.  I discovered that Prince had written it between naps during a marathon recording session. 

That's what struck me:  having the passion to do a marathon recording session and continue writing new material as you nap. 

That's passion.  Desire. 

I realized then how much of my desire I keep corked, not to be released. 

So that's today's mantra.  Release the passion. 

The question remains, what does that mean?

More exploration is needed.

Anyone have an extra cork screw?