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The Calls

The calls, the calls, the ringing and ringing - campaigns begging for money and support.  Support Obama.  Support Romney.  Give, give, give. 

Planned Parenthood - "Please help us."

Can you donate a small amount to help fight the Keystone Pipeline, to run a television ad against Fox News, to pay for Bradley Manning's legal fees, support Wikileaks, save Big Bird, legalize marijuana, legalize same sex marriage defeat ObamaCare save ObamaCare defeat the Republicans Democrats overturnunlimitedcampaigndonations fightcampaignfrauddefeatWalkerBrownWarrenCoulterrunanadagainstforWalMart.  

We knew all the numbers.  The phone rang and we glanced over.  "Ah, it's 202 again."  "888".  "Senate Democrats."  "Oregon Democratic Party."  "Green Party." They generally called twice a day, once either in the morning or afternoon, again in the evening.  Few left messages.  Guess they didn't think leaving a message asking for money would have much success. The Obama and Romney campaigns both tried.  

We often signed up for different campaigns, trying to keep our perspective fresh.  Unfortunately, they then tried raising money by soliciting donations from us or asking us to host parties or sign petitions.

Now they're gone.

All that remains is a few calls each day, asking us if we're going to renew our membership in the Oregon Shakespeare or Britt Festivals, and the ordinary telemarketers trying to get us to buy condos somewhere or take out home equity loans.  

I thank technology for caller ID.