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The Birthday Quandary

July fifth is my birthday anniversary. My wife, as she does every year, wants to know what I want to do to celebrate. 

I've taken the day off but I don't have any plans leaping to mind. I'm not the celebrating sort of person. Do you want to go to a restaurant? Want a pie or a cake? Do you want to go somewhere? Eh, meh. 

I throw parties for other things but not my birthday. I might cook out that day. I don't know. 

I feel like I should want to celebrate but I prefer quiet reflection, solitude, a glass of wine, maybe a pint of beer, a good book, some pages written. That's a celebration. 

That's what you do every day, she says.

I know. I like it.

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Why don't you set your wife

Why don't you set your wife the task of organising you a surprise day..? Perhaps doing something you don't usually do?

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A surprise....

You know, we tried that...once....

Neither of us were pleased with the result, but thank you for the suggestion. At its heart, she wants a celebration and wants to treat me special because that's what she likes but I prefer to let it slide under the radar.

We're starting to negotiate a compromise, however, perhaps a trip to Green Spring Inn to listen to music on the Friday after.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers