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The Beer Theory

A friend, very intelligent guy, call him Michael because that's his name, has a theory. I call it the Beer Theory.

In the Beer Theory, aliens came to this planet about 6,000 years ago. Their objective is to conquer Earth. These aliens live among us. All of us know them. They make up 50% of the world's population. You know them by their extra chromosome. We call them 'Women'.

To subjugate men and take over the world, these 'Women' concocted and introduced a beverage designed to undermine men. Yes, friends, it's beer.

A number of questions arise (you've probably already thought up three) but I go back to the basics.

1. Why do they want to conquer Earth?

2. Is this alien race only women or do men still live on the home planet (and where is that)?

3. If they're so advanced that they can make it to Earth, wouldn't they have sufficient ability to conquer Earth's human population 6,000 years ago?

Of course, I have responses or ideas about these questions.

1. They don't want to conquer Earth. They arrived here by accident, essentially crashing.

2. The alien race is not only women and others do live on the home planet. Don't know where it is but it's a long way off.

3. No because they were outnumbered. Creating 'beer' was their equalizer. They don't want to conquer Earth or humanity and in fact, arrived here by accident and hope to someday leave.

Yes, my answers create more questions. That's the fun of it.