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My six PM meeting was pushed back to seven PM.  What to do, what to do?  Well, my Beers on Brain group meets at 5 PM.  Why not go have a couple beers and then hit the meeting.


I've long expressed admiration for this group, made of of mostly retired professors and physicists but also engineers, a doctor, and me.  Most are in their early seventies with a few encroaching their mid 80s.  But number one, they enjoy beer, number two, they enjoy talkiing, and number three, they're intelligent guys who enjoy learning.

Pat, our token Catholic and educated by Jesuits, came tonight so we toasted him and congratulated him on having a new Pope.  "He's a Jesuit," Michael Q, the atheist Jew said, "Jesuits are progressive."  That brought a roar of disapproving, mocking laughter.  Michael Q cackled with delight and Pat laughed and blanched.

We turned to serious matters of the findings on Mars, which are pretty ho hum, long believed and now, gee, sort of proven.  Then we discussed atmospheres and gravities, the composition of Mars as a planet, drifting into discussions about Venus.  Then, since we were all married men, we talked about wives. 

Wives are not the same as women just as men are not the same as husbands.  What you perceive as a husband is not the same perceptions you make as a man - and you sure as hell don't act on them.  We had fun laughing about some of the things our wives ask us and say to us and the hows and whys of the female married mind. 

We did so without guilt.  I know my wife talks about me, and it's not to gush about my intelligence and manliness.  I have some good traits but I am a guy and sexist as it is, in my experience, being a guy is different from being a woman and being a married guy is different from being a married woman or a single guy. I don't know how gays, lesbians and bi-sexuals fit into this spectrum and I really would love to share a few drinks with some and coax them to compare notes.  Humans fascinate me and what fascinates me most are the differences between humans.

We had two beers each, laughed and had fun.  For the record, I had the most marvelous Ninkasi Oatmeal Stout, a delicious beverage and not as heavy as most stouts.  I highly recommend it.

Back into work, I had chats waiting from my Singapore, India and China compatriots so I answered those, writing this as I responded to them, and settled in to wait for my meeting to begin.  My wife is off to her monthly club meeting so I have the house alone for a few hours once my meeting is over.  I'm fending for myself so far as dinner is concerned so I'll probably put something together during my meeting. 

Then I'll write like crazy, exercise, and read.  I'm off Thursday and Friday and plan to continue writing like crazy during that time, although, I'm thinking now, I might also try to fit in a nap and some yard work.

I think I won't make any plans except to write, and then I'll see how it goes....

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Ninkasi Oatmeal Stout!  I

Ninkasi Oatmeal Stout!  I made a note of the recommendation.  I'll have to go and find this in another country but this should make my quest fun when traveling!  I think that old age and beer blend well together.  This is really good to know :-)

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I heartily recommend the NOS, Rina ~

Please do try it if you ever get the chance and please post your reaction.  Remembering it now, I fantasize about pouring another cold mug, with its creamy brown foam head. 

But the coffee shop doesn't sell it, and it's a little early for me to drink, at least for today.

Thanks for reading and commenting.  Cheers!

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Michael!  I did find oatmeal

Michael!  I did find oatmeal stout here but it's Anderson Valley and not your Ninkasi :-(  It was good though!  I like that dark, coffee-like taste and yes!  that creamy brown foam made me drool.  Cheers!  Have a Happy Easter!


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Thanks for the action report, Rina!

Good to know you enjoyed it.  I'll need to do a comparison sampling between the Ninkasi and Anderson Valley.  Happy Easter to you as well.  Cheers