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The Beanery Process

Enter and scope, find one of the five tables providing privacy and an outlet. Find one, mark the territory with travel mug lid, gloves on cold days, laptop case. 

Head to line, banter with staff and other customers, usually no ordering requirement, they know me.

Back to the table, sip, check table's stability, adjust. Coat off, sunglasses off, laptop out, phone out, power up, plug in, log in, connect. Check email on phone, bring out computer glasses, sip coffee, arrange table, scan business, begin.

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....they know me

Great - lucky you!

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I know, Mary

The staff tickle me, introducing me to newbs and explaining what I drink, with the caveat, "If you charge him wrong, he'll correct you." Then it becomes a game with the newbs, learning my tastes, and each become a friend as we share insights into one another's life across the counter. I like that community feel to my Beanery.

Thanks for reading and commenting.  Cheers

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Gosh! Do you do that every

Gosh! Do you do that every time? 

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Hi Katherine

Yes! That's what amused me today and prompted the post, the realization of how close this is to being a 'pre-write' checklist, or a ritual to shift from the rational business mind to the creative writer mind. Once the process is complete and the Writer sits down, it's his turn, and everything else must wait.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers