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Larry Brooks has posted a piece about why you should keep trying when you've finished a manuscript and you're trying to have it published.  When you're an unknown author, nobody knows....


The Absolute, Non-negotiable Truth About Writing and Selling Your Fiction

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by Larry Brooks on July 16, 2013

Imagine a room somewhere, a hotel conference center perhaps, full of 46 professional types who have flown in to commiserate with their esteemed peers.  They preen and sip coffee as they eyeball each other’s name tags, casually dropping names while waxing eloquent and wistful about the lack of great stories out there.

They are literary agents.  Professionals whose primary goal and purpose is to find and exploit (sell) publishable writing.  And this conversation is the same old blah blah blah that agents have been exchanging for decades.

Deep inside they nurse the fantasy that they alone, among everyone in the room, will find the Next Big Thing.

Just like us.  As writers, we aspire to Next Big Thing status, too.

But there is one thing they won’t readily admit.  On the contrary, often their brassy chutzpah smacks of the diametric opposite of this one unspeakable thing.  And that is…