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I once blogged about my frustrations buying some airline tickets.

Weeding through flight combos, time combos, prices in these easy, helpful sites, is frustrating. I finally found a compromise in all the variables and bought two roundtip tickets. Weeks past, the airline involved, Delta, informed Priceline the fligtht canceled. What do you want to do? None of the compromises offered, such as traveling on another day, worked, so we ended up with refunds, and I was back to looking for flights.

I blogged about it on Redroom. Somebody commented and said (paraphrasing), I've tried those sites but I find that it's easier to just go directly to the airlines.

I'd done that, too, but hadn't been overly impressed with that experience, either, yet their comment stayed with me.

I let time pass, quite deliberately, letting myself relax, put distance between the previous experience. Meanwhile, my wife talked with friends, came up with hare-brained ideas ("We could drive to SFO (five and half hours away) and fly direct from there") but yesterday, I went to the United site and put in my requirements. 

Bang. Perfect flight, not too early from MFR, arrives in early evening at my destination, cheaper than anything I'd seen anywhere else. 

So, I wanted to thank that Redroom neighbor who read and commented. I'll eventually go back and look for the blog and find them so I can thank them, but in case I forget, I hope you read this.