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Snow Forecast

The seasons are moving quickly on us, as though, once decided, they want to get done.  The rest of nature doesn't seem as sure about what's going on.

Lawns are still green.  The cherry tomato plants are still blossoming and we just 'harvested' a few strawberries from our little plant yesterday.  Most trees are still fully clothed in green leaves although some red and gold sheathed show-offs are easily spotted.  Wholesale leaf fall off has not begun.  We don't expect that until the end of the month with full shedding happening in November.  

But the smell of impending cold air is riding in and the first snowfall has been forecasted.  Areas a hundred miles north of us are expected to receive up to an inch.  We shouldn't see any in our neighborhood but we'll see them on the mountain tops, as the forecast calls for snow above 5,000 feet and we sit just under 2,000 feet.

Hard to believe the weather changed so quickly.  Overnight, the spring and summer uniform of athletic shoes, shirt and shorts has been replaced with jeans, walking shoes and light sweaters.  

Time to winterize ourselves.