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Ah, the neighbor got some last night.

Don't know him. Neighbor Wade is off on an adventure involving camping and motorcycles. Been gone a couple weeks. Might have gone down to his native area, Big Sur. A young man is staying in his place. I guess that makes him a house sitter.

In addition to riding motorcycles and bicycles, the house sitter smokes. I was awakened by the cigarette smoke drifting from him to us through our open windows, along with loud talking and louder laughter. Well, I've been young and obnoxious. Now I'm old and obnoxious. I just closed the windows and returned to sleep.

Next thing I heard was my big Gingerbear issuing warnings out front. Ran out there, turned on lights. Something raced away. After giving the surrounding darkness a few more hard eyed stares, the Gingerbear ambled in to be fed and admired.

Back to bed. Awake to noises. Thought animals were fighting. Leaped out of bed to go rescue a cat. No, wait...that's not a cat. That's a human. A human is being killed. She's begging for mercy. Oh, no, wait...oh, wait, no, now I get it. They're having sex.

Fortunately it was over in a few minutes and I could return to sleep. Awoke to the Gingerbear washing my face and purring. Dawn was gathering energy. The clock showed 5:40. Fed said Gingerbear and the others, who sensed an opportunity and were there like early bird shoppers. Did some business in the bathroom, found some cat had not approved of breakfast and had refunded it.  Cleaned up the refund. Don't know which cat it was. They follow a strict code of silence on the matter of gifts.

Ugh. I could use a little more time with my eyes closed, flat on my back, a pillow under my head. Must...make...coffee....