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Same Damn Thing

What would a new week be without some sort of First World irritation? This week brings us Inernet issues.

Our Internet troubles started early Sunday evening.  I was enjoying a Foyle’s War episode on Roku when the movie stopped streaming.  I checked the computer’s Internet connections and verified they couldn’t receive anything.  Wondering if it was my ISP, I went to my neighbor’s network and logged on.  He uses a different ISP but we achieved the same result – no Internet.  So it went off and on through the evening.

Same story today.

The problem with this is the same problem you have when your water, electricity or phone service fails – is it you or a system outage?  When electricity fails, you peek outside and stare for lights. It’s harder during the day for us out here in a small town.  Night is easier because people are using lights and televisions, and there are streetlights to help us figure out the situation.

I remember how hard it was to determine if it was a phone outage when I was a child.  Mom would send one of us to others’ houses to canvass them about their phone status.  Usually there was a TV news story that night, with an announcer noting that the telephone company had a problem that day and it affected this many households or customers, and the outage lasted for X amount of time.  We rarely hear that about the Internet.  More often, there’s a tech bulletin mentioning the outage after a few days. 

The system has been in and out five times before nine AM this morning.  I’d say do something else but I’m working and can’t reach the systems I need to do many tasks.  Tres frustrating.

The questions for this outage: is it only our neighborhood, or is our town or state?  What’s causing the outage and what sort of situation will this be, an extended outage or a poor critter fried on a line somewhere? 


The problem seemed more widespread than just our area as others at work across the US complained about it, as well.  My connections came back on steady at about ten AM.  Then someone sent me an email attachment that crashed my Microsoft Office.   That took another forty minutes to recover.

As Edna St Vincent Millay said, It's not true that life is one damn thing after another; it is one damn thing over and over.