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It's September 11th. American flags are flying. "Always remember," people intone. "Never forget."

What is it you're trying not to forget? 

Is it the attacks on 9/11/2001 or the failed policies and politics that led up to it? Are you trying not to forget those that died that day or all those that died since in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are you trying not to forget the Presidential Daily Briefing with intelligence warning that OBL was determined to strike? Are you trying not to forget the Department of Homeland Security, the monolith created in kneejerk reaction to the attacks, or the war begun against Saddam Hussein and Iraq, or the accelerated erosions of personal freedom and independence in the name of state safety? Are you trying not to forget how the CIA trained and armed OBL in Afghanistan in his war against the Soviet Union, or how we armed and enabled Saddam Hussein until he invaded Kuwait? Are you trying not to forget how expediently we shoved aside human rights, and how we tortured our principles and innocents until proven innocent in Guantanamo and how we mistreated prisoners in Abu Ghraib? Are you trying not to forget the returning soldiers maimed with violence and suffering PSTD and emotional and mental issues, and the thousands of others brought home in caskets? Are you trying not to forget how much more the United States spends on Defense over all the other nations, to the detriment of health, education and freedom as people starve and die and the rolls of the homeless increase, or that the United States is falling further and further behind our peer nations even as our wealthiest grow wealthier and our poor grow poorer? 

What is it that you're asking us to remember?

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A powerful, thought-provoking

A powerful, thought-provoking post, Michael.  I'll never forget that day. It was afternoon, London time.  I was about to go and teach a class.  In the staff room, the television was on, with the sound muted down.  I saw one of the Twin Towers in flames, and a plane suddenly fly into the second one.  My first thought was, 'who made this stupid film?'.  Then I suddenly realised it was a live report.  I am still filled with horror at the memory of it.  

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So true. So senseless, so

So true. So senseless, so sad.