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Reading Is So Inspirational

I keep forgetting how inspirational reading is, how it triggers and inspires new ideas, new avenues to explore, different perspective, refreshing and invigorating old story ideas, planting the seeds for new ones. 

Some of them grow so fast, my excitement propels me to the keyboard, to capture the stories' essences. I'm nurturing flames here, keeping it warm and dry, hoping that I can get it to flare up and blaze into the story that first burns through me when the idea came. So hard, so hard.

But it's such a great reminder - if I want to write, if I want to stay fresh and share new ideas, stories and voices - read, read, read. And I figure during this month of writing like crazy, before I sit down, I read some fiction. You know, just to feed to flame.

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I was thinking the same thing

I was thinking the same thing today as I stood in a bookstore scanning books on writing. 

I realized writing books can help with mechanics, but writing comes from fresh ideas, and those ideas come from reading other people's writing.

Now I'm off to read a new book!