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Quick Laugh

I was reading an article on National Geographics' site today about larger carnivores (black bears, lynx, wolves and mountain lions) and the possibility that they may be moving into suburban neighborhoods, following the success of raccoons and coyotes.  I moved on to the comments and saw this:

Henry8:37 am 

"Before anyone else posts, I beg of all of you to check your spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar before you post. It’s just painful trying to read some of your posts, regardless of whatever point you’re trying to get across."

Henry, I feel your suffering.

I've wanted to add such comments.  Typing, spelling, punctuation and grammar all challenge my skills and yet, I suffer anguish and headaches from trying to read comments. They are so, so terrible. Typos, grammar, spelling mistakes, run on sentences, and capitalization only begin the attack on the brain.  Then the bigger problems of logic and 'facts' come to the fore and I walk away, holding my head and groaning. Oh, the agony.

Thank you, Henry, for posting your plea.