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Publishing Rejection Vs Writing Love

Ed Cyzewski, guest-blogging for Rachel Gardner, had an excellent post on writing and being rejected.  

It's timely for me;  finding publication acceptance is as never-ending as the battle for truth, justice, and the American way.  I already 'knew' all the facts and insights he posted.  I've read and read about how to get published, tips for publishing and finding agents, and the hard truths about becoming published - and getting published again.  As he says, everyone gets rejected.  I like to believe that's so, that they're aren't so authors out there that aren't ever rejected.  

I actually know what of those latter beasts.  His first story was published in "The Atlantic" while he was in grad school.  He'd only published three or four fiction stories since then, ten years later.  He'd not submitted more than that, though.  When I spoke of the anxiety and frustration of waiting to hear about whether a story was going to be accepted for publication, he looked genuinely puzzled.

But above all this, Ed Cyzewski makes the greater case, red carpets and adoring, welcoming publishers seldom await fiction writers trying to get published.  He relates a story - stop me if you've had a similar experience - of someone casually saying they thought it would be neat to write a book or be published.  And how many times are you asked by friends and family, "How's that book coming?  When are you going to be published?" 

And Ed's point is, getting published isn't easy, and being rejected is normal.  You need to love to write, edit and revise if you're going to pursue a writing career, because that love will carry you through the hard times.

And there will be hard times.

Here' Ed's post:  http://www.rachellegardner.com/2012/11/are-you-ready-for-the-pain-of-publishing/

And to those who have been published and are successful, kudos to you, and thank you.  Because if you hadn't done it, I would never believe it to be possible.  But your success helps me keep believing.

That, and a love of writing.