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Pony Tails

A young woman, maybe in her early twenties, briskly passed outside The Beanery's window as I typed. I looked up and watched her swing...her pony tail.

Pony tails are just so cool. They're a jaunty hair statement on men, women and children. I wish I could grow one. I've tried. I think I had the length when I was a teenager but I had wild, bushy hair, crazy enough that my wife dubbed me 'Shirly Temple' after the curly haired child actor. 

My curls always escaped my pony tail. Playing baseball and football, I pinned it up to keep it out of my way, not elegant or manly, but I was indifference's epitome when I was young. Take me or leave me, that's your problem.

I tried the pony tail again as an adult after retiring from the Air Force and growing my hair out but nothing had changed from my youth, and my wife has come to prefer my hair short, like I wore it in my military days, otherwise it flips up like the Flying Nun's habit.

So to those who wear the pony tail, I envy you. I hope you appreciate what you have.