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I saw some polls about the sequestration today.  People are unsure whether it'll be good or bad for the country.  Story after story literally says people will wait and see. 

(I'm a bit irked about the evolving definition of 'literally' and second definitions being added to dictionaries.  I understand that language evolves.  As writers we look for ways to more inventively use words, which is where my issue with literally as hyperbole comes in.  Joyce used it as hyperbole back in 1914 in a short story and its use as hyperbole has been growing.  But the thing about this hyperbole is that it's often mindless vomiting of an expression, like, you know?  I was so OMG when I read the news.)

I have strong opinions about the sequestration's effects on the country and 'me, personally', as they like to ask.

Furloughs to Fed departments?  Not a problem at all, right?  We all know that Federal workers are way overpaid.  Most of them are in the top two percent of incomes in this country, and are lazy, shiftless workers besides being ignorant.  Really, they're being paid to go in and play computer games all day. 

Fortunately the few shining examples of how the Federal gov should work, Congress and the US Supreme Court, are spared these cuts.  Without Congress managing our budget and deficit, we'd be way worse off.  And thankfully, the US Supreme Court, which objectively views the Constitution with a stern eye toward protecting business and commerce and second amendment rights, are untouched. 

We wouldn't want anything to happen to business.  That's how we got into this mess.

So it doesn't bother me that Fed departments will shut down.  Those people will probably happy to have the time off.  With all that extra time, they'll be able to go to the movies and eat out more often, and take more trips.   You'll see.

Likewise, the cuts to health, education, and children programs will be helpful.  Who needs mental health in America?  We're the wealthiest, most powerful country in history.  Mental health problems are way overstated by the media.  It's not like people suffering mental health issues are going out and killing people or anything.

Food assistance and homeless programs?  No big deal.  We all know those are scams.  It's a fact that you can check on the Internet, most people that receive public food and housing assistance are in reality almost part of the one percent because they have so much money.  They dress up on street corners and beg for money during the day and then go to luxury homes at night.  I know.  I have a friend of a friend of a friend who's seen one do it.  Follow one home for yourself.  You'll see.

How can cuts to teachers and schools hurt?  It's not like our children are learning.  Have you talked to many of them lately?  They are like literally like the least educated people that I know.  They don't know anything!  Keeping them out of school an extra day or two won't hurt them. Fact is, by keeping them home, with their Moms where they belong, will probably bring families closer together.

So far as cuts to fire and police departments, they're fine with me.  Study after study has shown that it's the fire and police departments and their huge salaries and pensions that are driving towns and cities under.  Library cuts?  What do we need libraries for when we have the Internet?  It's not like anyone reads anything anyway.  They all just want to play their games and watch television or go to the movies.  Close the library, no one will even notice, I guarantee it.  You'll see.

That's why I'm all in for the sequestration.  It just makes sound sense on so many levels.  Cutting all those bloated programs will drive down the deficit.  After we've cut the deficit, we'll be able to cut corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy.  That's why we're not seeing any economic growth and why employment is lagging.  Companies are afraid to spend their money because they don't know what crazy scheme the Federal government will come up with to take it back away.  You just don't know with those crazy liberal Democrats in control. You can tell that corporations are in favor of the sequestration because the stock market just hit a record high.  Those folks are smart and you know that stock market wouldn't be up so high if they didn't have confidence in the sequestration.

Let the sequestration roll.  Cut the deficit.  Reduce the taxes on the wealthy.  Then we'll see some real growth.  Then we'll be able to rebuild our military power. 

That's what's wrong with the world today.  The rest of the world sees how weak America has become militarily.  Once we rebuild our military, we'll be able to project the power needed to establish freedom and democracy. 

You'll see.


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Such 'a modest proposal' you

Such 'a modest proposal' you make, literally.

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Well said, Jodi ~

This is virtually the best proposal I've ever had.  Thanks for stopping by and commenting.  Cheers, M