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People In Suits

Men in suits with ties and women nicely dressed in dresses, skirt suits and pants suits are all unusual in Ashland.  When six of them leave the fog and enter The Beanery, I wonder. 

They're quiet and somber.  They don't seem to know each other well, with one asking another, what sort of work do you do?  They seem awkward, looking around at the rest of us.  They seem alien.

All but one is wearing black.  Did they attend funeral services?  A mortuary is a five minute walk down and across the street, between two cemetaries.  

I listen to them as I write, searching for clues about why these people are here, in suits, in black.

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And? What did you find out?

And? What did you find out?

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The subjects remained only a short time.

Following an initial bluster of conversation, they fell into inward silences, their outer coats on, drinking coffee and tea and considering themselves. The silence flowed between awkward discomfort and active unawareness. They seemed to be killing time and awaiting an appointment.

Did they speak?  If so, I missed it.  They looked at one another and pushed back their chairs.  Final sips of drinks were consumed.  Gathering as a small group, they made for the exit.  

Stretching, I walked outside and spied.  They entered three different cars and coordinated backing out, forming a line and moving out onto the street with pre-coordinated determination. Each car had an Oregon plate.  The drivers sat with their hands fixed on their wheels and stared straight ahead.  The passengers stared on their side of the cars.  They did not go to the funeral home or cemetaries down the street. 

I wondered if they went to a church.  I googled for funerals and memorial services in Ashland but nothing was scheduled for that date and time.  But this was a party with a funereal air, together but apart, going somewhere else where they would be together and apart again.

I learned nothing.  As often when I see strangers, their story remains incomplete for me.  I'm left with images and questions.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Jodi.  Cheers

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Fascinating.  Perhaps they


Perhaps they were a cult planning to relocate to to your town, but your coffee shop didn't impress them, so they moved on.