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Oregon's Cell Phone Law

They, being the Oregon state legislature, modified the state's cell phone law in 2011. The law as passed in 2009, prohibited making cell phone calls while driving unless a hands-free device was employed. An exception was added, unless you need the cell phone for your work.

Police said that exception rendered the law nearly useless for enforcement so the legislature modified the law. The 2009's law exception was for emergency workers and law enforcement. The law's new version spells that out.

That's according to one article. Another article says, "Only the drivers of emergency vehicles, tow trucks and farm vehicles will be allowed to talk on hand-held cell phones while driving, provided the call is related to their work."

Either way, unless you're the police, an emergency worker, in a tow truck or in a farm vehicle, Oregon now says you shouldn't be talking on your cell phone unless you're using a hands-free device. Arguments and studies are still going on about the whole matter and how much talking on a cell phone, whether it's hands-free or not, distracts a driver, or to what degree.