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Oh, Work

Yes, a work rant. You're warned. Move along if you dislike reading of these matters. I know I post many. This one is again about reading and communicating. 

There's a spate of people asking for information that's already in the email, or requesting information in one thread when the information is contained on another thread. 

Sure, dueling threads can be complicated and cumbersome but I look each time this happened. Is this person on the other thread? They are. What about timing? No, the information they're looking for was sent in the other thread earlier. 

Problem numbers, machine types, countries, customer names, tracking numbers...all there. Four people have managed to single themselves out as serial violators. I've dealt with three of the people directly, pointing out the information was already in the threads and providing it. Several other people have dealt with him, pointing out, that's in the thread. There's a certain obligation to mention that it's in the thread. Is it more polite to not say that? I dunno. I've gone both ways on the matter. I mention it as part of the feedback process, not really to be a twit. Sometimes I went one on one to mention it and kept it private. The problem with that is that someone else will likely tell them as well, or worse, someone will go off searching for the information, when it's already there. 

Venting here helped me purge and rebalance. Of course, a story idea emerged, too. What if someone can read other matters in the threads that everyone else can't see? What would the threads say? What would she do?

Ah, fun.

Then there's the issue of refurbished parts. Some countries don't allow them. Okay, that's business. But none of the parts cited should be used parts; those parts are never refurbished. What is indicating that they're used parts? 

It's one of those things that make you sigh because now you must investigate and ask those questions. How do parts that are only supposed to be stocked as new end up getting marked as used? Are they used? If so, how did they get put back into inventory? Or are they new? If so, why are they marked used?

Here we go.